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22 July 2020
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House of Solace Spices was established in 2018, but the idea actually came to me much earlier. I am a trained Food Scientist with experience and qualifications both in Scotland and in Nigeria. My passion lies in food product development and I love to be creative skills with food to see the outcome.

I would always want to identify crops or materials that are underutilised and have great health benefits. I would take these products and experiment with them. I also want to make cooking interesting and fun. I like making healthy things easier to cook to encourage people to make meals from scratch.

During my training at the University, I did a lot of research into spices and their uses. This inspired me on a quest and I eventually came up with a liquid table seasoning. I left this project behind for a long time due to being busy with other things!

I had forgotten all about this project but was blending spice to use in my cooking at home and sharing them with friends. I received commendation and requests for more which is when I remembered my previous experiments and discoveries. With this, I went back to the drawing board and got the inspiration for House of Solace Spices.

House of Solace Spices was created to make spices convenient and to connect people using food as a tool. House of Solace Spices helps people to get great taste in their dishes in a healthy convenient way. All ingredients used in the blending of House of Solace Spices have been carefully selected and sourced. They contain no additives, no preservatives and no added sugar. It was important to me that these spice mixes were healthy with nothing artificial added.

Connecting people using food has been a great part of my journey with the business! I’ve enjoyed going to different events with my spices and meeting lots of people. You do not have to travel to Africa to participate in our culture and cuisine. We have also connected cultures by creating recipes that portray a fusion of African-Scottish cuisine, by combining cooking methods and ingredients.

Inclusion and diversity are really important to me. If you want good, healthy food, you love to go on an adventure and share in our rich African heritage then you need to use House of Solace Spices for your cooking. You can also share with friends and family by getting one of our multipack or gift sets. Check out our shop for foods spices

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