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4 June 2020
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400g Chicken Breast
5Tbsp House of Solace Barbeque Zest
100g plain flour or peanut flour (optional)
1 Cube
3Tbsp Olive oil
Salt to taste


Dice Chicken breast (large size) and put in a large bowl
In a dry bowl add House of Solace Barbeque Zest, cube, salt and mix. Pour the mixture on chicken breast and mix thoroughly.
Arrange chicken breast on skewer sticks and sprinkle plain flour or peanut flour on the skewed chicken breast, turn the other side and do the same until all the skewed chicken breasts are well covered in flour. Brush olive oil on both side of the skewed chicken breast making sure they are really moist, do same for the other side.
Place skewed chicken breast on rack in oven tray and grill for about 20 mins. Checking and brushing with olive oil to keep chicken breast moist. Once grilled, allow to cool and enjoy!

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