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22 July 2020
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With the warmer days, and the lifting of lockdown restrictions lifting – many of us will celebrate by having friends and family over to enjoy a beautiful barbeque! The perfect way to catch up on the light summer nights, over some great food and drinks.
But how much food should you make, what are the ultimate dishes and have you got your grilling method perfected? We’re sharing some of our top tips…

Creating a menu

The main thing with a barbeque is not to overcomplicated things, choose 2 or 3 mains, a big salad and some side dishes and allow your guests to help themselves. For your meat and fish, all you need is a great marinade or spice rub. For vegetarian options, some grilled halloumi, charred aubergine or vegetable skewers are perfect! Our BBQ zest spice mix is perfect for vegetables, meat and fish.
Check out our recipe for delicious BBQ chicken.
For salads and sides, make ahead options like a new potato salad or a cold pasta dish take the stress out of entertaining.


Preheating your Grill
You can still create a delicious BBQ experience using your oven or a disposable BBQ, but if you are using a proper outdoor barbeque one of the most common mistakes that people make is not preheating the grill for long enough. If you preheat it for long enough, it will prevent your food from
sticking and your food will cook more quickly. How long you preheat your BBQ for depends whether you are using gas or charcoal but generally speaking, gas takes 20-30 minutes, and charcoal slightly
longer. You will get used to the heat of your grill the more you use it – perfect excuse to have more BBQs!

Direct and Indirect Heat

For the ultimate BBQ utilise both direct and indirect heat. Direct heat is used when cooking directly over the flame or charcoal. This creates attractive grill marks on your BBQ meat, and gives a nice crispy skin. Direct heat is also great for crisp grilled vegetables and quick cook foods like prawns.
Indirect heat is used when you place food in a heated area, but not directly on the heat source. This can be useful for placing your sides on, such as foil wrapped potatoes, while using the middle of your BBQ to cook your meats. You can also use indirect heat for more slow cooked meats, like racks of ribs or lamb.

So, with all our handy tips and tricks, you’re ready to invite some friends over, plan your menu and buy in your ingredients. Check out our recipes here for inspiration, and don’t go without our BBQ zest spice mix, to give your BBQ that authentic African taste!

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