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4 June 2020
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1 Cup Black eyed Beans or Brown Beans (Already a peeled bean is available)
1 Red bell pepper
1 small sized onion
½ cube (optional)
1Tbsp House of Solace Jollof relish
2 Hard-boiled Egg (peeled)
2Tbsp olive oil


Soak the beans in cold water and leave to rest for about 3minutes, drain water and with your hand rub the beans to peel off skin, repeat this and wash beans with excess water until all peel is off the beans.
Wash and deseed Red bell pepper, peel onions and cut both into small size. Put beans, onions, red bell pepper in a cup blender, add about 200ml of water and blend until smooth.
Pour the mixture into a large bowl, add 1Tbsp House of Solace Jollof Relish, cube, salt, olive oil and salt to taste. Mix all together.
Pre heat oven 180degree, Oil four ramekins
Pour the mixture in each of the ramekin, cut hard-boiled egg into 2 and place in each of the ramekin containing the mixture. Put the ramekins in oven tray and cover with foil. Place in oven and cook for about 35 mins. Put a skewer through to check if cooked. Once cooked, allow to cool and enjoy with Coleslaw or Salad.

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